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Morningstar StockInvestor focuses on companies with economic moats that are trading at discounts to their intrinsic values. The investment philosophy is demonstrated through two accounts owned by Morningstar, Inc.: The Tortoise and Hare. The Tortoise targets undervalued companies that possess durable competitive advantages (as measured by their Morningstar Economic Moat Rating) and strong balance sheets.

The Hare focuses on companies with strong and growing competitive advantages (as measured by their Morningstar Economic Moat Rating). It uses a “growth at a reasonable price” approach, seeking companies with above-average earnings-per-share growth whose shares are trading at reasonable multiples of earnings.

Monthly Issues
Each issue will include commentary on current events that are relevant to a wide-moat investing strategy and data, statistics, and research published by Morningstar, Inc. analysts. Plus, in-depth editorial on companies, a roundup of significant news events and earning reports from the holdings in Morningstar, Inc.’s Tortoise and Hare portfolios, and a watchlist of stocks that could potentially fit with the portfolios’ investment mandates.

Free Bonus Reports
StockInvestor Subscriber’s Handbook
This guide explains the basics of Morningstar, Inc.’s wide-moat investment approach and gives an inside look at how Morningstar analyzes stocks and is intended to get you up to speed on everything included in your new subscription.
Morningstar's Market Outlook
This quarterly report provides Morningstar, Inc.’s perspective on the stock market and potential risks and opportunities across sectors.

StockInvestor Online
Access to Morningstar StockInvestor's companion website, where you can download the latest issue before it arrives in your mailbox and find current data on Morningstar’s Tortoise and Hare portfolios and watchlists.

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Sign up to receive email alerts whenever a trade occurs in Morningstar, Inc.’s Tortoise or Hare portfolios. You’ll also receive a weekly roundup of Morningstar analyst notes on Tortoise and Hare holdings.

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